About Me

L.M. Gil began writing at the age of nine in Upstate New York, where she was born and raised. She wrote stories throughout her youth, often on a manual typewriter. In college, she abandoned creative writing for expository writing and literature, and she earned degrees in these two subjects. Later on, she opted for an advanced degree in TESOL. Working with ESL students off and on for fifteen years eventually reignited her love of creative writing and inspired her to write Fragile Creatures, Destined for Greatness and Other Stories, Evening Prayer and Invertebrates.

L.M. Gil uses a cast of characters who represent people she has known throughout her life. They have been her family members, friends, acquaintances, former co-workers and students. They have also been the addicts, the self-indulgent, the cross-dressers, the overly-religious, the deluded, the misinformed, the risk-takers and the hesitant in her life. Those with bizarre appearances, oddball behavior or ironic twists to their stories interest her in particular. These qualities only hint at inner turmoil or conflicts that L.M. Gil employs to get her point across. Whether quirky or fearful or willful or just plain obnoxious, L.M. Gil’s characters illustrate human frailty in their actions and choices. But it’s that same humanity that can also prove to be its own saving grace.

Currently L.M. Gil has her first novel, Fragile Creatures, and Destined for Greatness and Other Stories, her book of short stories, available on the Kindle and Nook. Her second novel, Evening Prayer, is available on the Kindle and will be available on the Nook in April 2012. All three books will be available in paperback this spring, and her newest novel, Invertebrates, will be available early Summer 2012.


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